Ed Sanford

On Christmas of 1957 my mother presented my two sisters and I with a Sabre 620 camera (a Kodak Brownie knockoff) to share. I immediately co-opted the camera for my sole use. This was easy because the girls were far more interested in their dolls (before the advent of feminism). When I shot my first roll of black & white film and received the pictures back from the local drug store, I became addicted to photography for life. This addiction has become a serious avocation for the last 35 plus years. During most of that period, I also developed skills in the chemical darkroom, which provided the opportunity to manage images from click of the shutter to the production of prints. Although I was late to the digital world (5 years ago), I believe that my background in film photography provides a firm foundation for mastering the digital medium. My current interests are natural landscapes, rural architecture, “found abstracts” and occasionally things that fly. During the last several years, I have traveled to many iconic photographic spots within the continental U.S. including Alaska and internationally in South America, Iceland, France and the Canary Islands. For me, it is about “chasing the light” and continuously improving my skills and vision. As a part of my craft, I make archival prints using the latest technology. If something interests you, contact me, and I can provide prints either framed or unframed.

My Equipment

Every photographer, by nature, is a bit of a gadget freak. So, I will list out my gear for your viewing pleasure: